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In order to make meaningful compositorial suggestions The Pirate Fugues relies on a large collection of classical scores.

Thanks to people who share the data...

Just like the NSA and Google, I keep the original files.

Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities

Stanford University

Link: musedata.org
Composers: Telemann, Vivaldi, Bach, Haendel, Mozart
File format: md, stage1, stage2

Cognitive and Systematic Musicology Laboratory

Ohio State University School of Music

Link: humdrum.org
Composers: Buxtehude, Corelli, Bach, Haydn, Clementi
File format: Kern

Sequences by David J. Grossman

very accurate transcriptions, but without diatonic precision due to midi format

Link: jsbach.net
Composers: Bach
File format: midi


community based, dynamic, good search, previews, modern file formats

Link: musescore.org
Composers: Bach (many others are featured)
File format: MusicXML (others are featured)

The Mutopia Project

community based, not dynamic

Link: mutopiaproject.org
Composers: Bach (many others are featured)
File format: MusicXML, Midi

Josquin Research Project

managed by Jesse Rodin, and Craig Sapp since 2010

Link: josquin.stanford.edu
Composers: Guillaume Du Fay, Johannes Regis, Antoine Busnoys, Johannes Martini, Johannes Tinctoris, Alexander Agricola, Loyset Compere, Gaspar van Weerbeke, Matthaeus Pipelare, Henricus Isaac, Pierre de la Rue, Josquin des Prez, Jacob Obrecht, Jean Mouton, Antoine Brumel, Marbrianus de Orto, Jean Japart, Johannes Ockeghem
File format: MusicXML, Humdrum, ...

Own transcriptions

Scans of print editions of the scores are available as pdf documents at the Petrucci Music Library. They serve as template for proof-reading scores from external source but also own transcriptions.

Link: djtascha.de
Composers: Bach, Klengel, Mendelssohn
File format: The Pirate Fugues native

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