During the development and experimentation phase, the source code of The Pirate Fugues is not in the public domain.

The Pirate Fugues 2014 (with Java 1.8 Source) 0 kB
The Pirate Fugues 2012 (with Java 1.7 Source) * 0 kB
The Pirate Fugues 2012 Evaluation Version ** 7 MB
The Pirate Fugues 2010 (with Java 1.6 Source) * 800 kB
* the archive contains files from MuseData. The binaries are not included in the archive! To run the software compile the code with Java 1.6 or later. contains the relevant main. ** requires Internet access. Full version until 31-Dec-2012, unless you hack. To run, execute "launch.bat".
Demo of the 2012 edition

Source code comparison

The Pirate Fugues 1.8 MBJava
Lilypond (/lily /python /scm) 4.8 MBC#/Python/scm
MuseScore 1.3 (/mscore) 5.0 MBC++