Early Examples

Here are several fugues composed with the support of the The Pirate Fugues software:

sheet music title and description audio

La Campanella • The theme for the fugue is taken from Etude III (La Campanella) of Grandes Etudes de Paganini by Ferenc Liszt. In fact, both, the red and orange motifs are adapted from the original score. Perth, 2010

Practice 39 m • The harmonic structure was layed out with the recently implemented cadence plugin of the Pirate Fugues. My friend Mathias Müller inserted 16 measures to my draft of 38 measures, and arranged the final piece. Saigon, 2014

Über die Akkorde der Flute Sonata 2 - 2 Siciliano • The piece started out with 3 voices and meter 6/8. Two weeks later, I changed the rhythm to 4/4, distributed the material to 4 voices, and filled the gaps. Nha Tranh, 2014

Practice 57 b • The rhythm is inspired by Brahms' Ein deutsches Requiem 2nd movement Denn alles Fleisch, es ist wie Gras. The motif ought to resemble a drum pattern. My friend Mathias Müller has arranged the 3 voices for a string trio. Saigon, 2014

Wichtige Fugen

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zip with all midi,
guido, and native

Fuge 3by mmF4pdfmp3
Fuge 4by mmF4pdfmp3

Credits: Media postprocessing with the following open-source software: StepVoice Recorder by StepVoice Software for midi to mp3 recording, Mp3splt-gtk by Matteo Trotta and Alexandru Munteanu to truncate mp3 files, and Flash Mp3 Player by Eric Heunthep.