Inlay Plugin

A sequence of notes that is conceptually reused in the score is refered to as material. Any material shall have the following properties:

A repertoire is a list of materials. Each voice of the score is patched from variations of materials in the repertoire.

To facilitate the identification of each material when listening to the score, each material is assigned an instrument with a volume, and a reverb coefficient.

The instruments available are: Piano, Bright Piano, Marimba, Church Organ, Accordion, Nylon Str Guitar, Steel String Guitar, Violin, Orchestral Harp, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, French Horn, Soprano Sax, Oboe, Bassoon, Pan Flute, Metal Pad, Crystal, Sitar, Banjo, Bag Pipe, Tinkle Bell, Steel Drums.


Fugal Plugin

The Pirate Fugues software searches for possibilities to fill empty voices with note sequences in accordance to the database of Bach scores. Audio feedback of parts of the score or individual voices allows to check the composition.

All editing is done with the mouse. However, there are a few keypresses assigned: s save score, a select all, space start/stop audio feedback

There are two algorithms that assist the user in setting the right notes:

Inlay: The computer searches all possible sequence of notes within a gap in a voice. The sequences have to obey the Bach criteria. The user filters the options for rhythmic and melodic specifications. Additionally, the sequences are rated according to the Bach-rank measure.

Tower: The computer searches all possible combination of notes for a certain time in the score for all voices.

Piano plugin

Piano Plugin

This plugin should enable users to make up a melody on a keyboard while the software produces an accompaniment in real-time. Even users without formal education in piano or music notation should be able to project their thoughts into the music. However, more people still need to try this for themselves!

The Pirate Fugues supports the use of midi keyboards. Myself, I am using the Akai LPK25 that comfortably fits into my bag during my travels.

Mathias Müller pointed out that voices should be singable, which ultimately led to the Tracking rating. I am also indebted to Tom Sutcliffe, who is the author of, and Pham Van Hong Phuc for their feedback.