These are the 3rd party software synthesizers that I test The Pirate Fugues on.

The video right is a complete rendition of the songs in Singen im Advent as published by Musikpiraten e.V. For sound synthesis I have used the Blüthner Model One in Pianoteq 5. The score layout is handled by Lilypond 2.19.

Pianoteq 5

Blüthner Model One in Pianoteq 5.0.1

MIDI control change numbers. By default, a parameter assignment has effect on any channel.

 7  Volume
12  Q Factor
13  String Length
15  Sympathetic Resonance
17  Aliquot Strings
18  Quadratic Effect
19  Mute
64  Sustain Pedal
66  Sostenuto Pedal
67  Soft Pedal
69  Harmonic Pedal
70  Cutoff
72  Impedance
73  Direct Sound Duration
74  Hammer Hard. Piano
75  Hammer Hard. Mezzo
76  Hammer Hard. Forte
77  Hammer Noise
78  Character
79  Octave Stretching
80  Reverb Duration 
85  Dynamics
86  Sound Speed
93  Unison Width
94  Soft Level

also supported: Pitch Bend

Ivory II

Studio German D in Ivory II

MIDI control change numbers.

 7  Volume
11  Expression
64  Sustain Pedal
66  Sostenuto Pedal
67  Soft Pedal

Additional control codes can be manually assigned.

Hauptwerk 4

Demo of the 2012 edition

with stop control based on dynamics. fine tuned for a collection of organs. more here.

The mapping of dynamics to stops is defined in a GUI:

Reason 5

Grand Piano in Reason 5

Reason is a good solution when experimenting with an ensemble of various intruments.